Start to Trade for Beginners by Instructor Toey Bravo

Building a solid foundation in trading systems for beginners with our priceless course!!

คอร์สฟรี เริ่มต้นเทรดอย่างไรให้เป๊ะปัง

Benefits of This Course

  • The first step to starting a career as a trader and what needs to be done.

  • Learn the concept of risk management through Money Management.

  • Understand and learn trading systems, suitable for beginners.

  • Techniques for training the correct mindset for developing oneself into a professional trader.

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คอร์สฟรี เริ่มต้นเทรดอย่างไรให้เป๊ะปัง

The First Step Towards Becoming a Trader

Understanding the perspective of the market and basic techniques: a highly effective means of making money

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Our coaches

With over 9 years of experience in global financial market investment, the CEO and founder of Bravo Trade Academy has established the Academy as a leading trading education platform in Thailand, developing sustainable traders with the highest level of proficiency in the country.

Co-Founder & MD Bravo Trade Academy Academy An experienced investment advisor and trading strategist with over 8 years of trading experience. Formerly employed and directly mentored by a reputable fund-level trading institution in the United States.

Coach Film
Kwanchira Srijarupruk

A former pharmacist highly driven with passion for investment, she underwent a significant transformation from pharmaceuticals to becoming a full-time trader. Currently, she serves as a coach at Bravo Trade Academy and is the founder of the Facebook group "ใครเทรดทอง มากองกันตรงนี้", which today has over 80,000 members. This journey highlights her dedication to trading education and community leadership.

Why Bravo Trade Academy?

Our goal is to ensure your success, and Bravo Trade Academy will be your witness at every step towards achievement. Bravo Trade Academy plays a crucial role in offering high-quality courses and providing guidance whenever you need it.

Extensive Range of Courses

If you are new to the market, we have the 'Start To Trade' course tailored for beginners. As you become more experienced and gain confidence in the market, Bravo Trade Academy offers a wide range of options, ranging from a basic trading system course to specific trading strategies for the every products.

Trading System

Trading System Suitable for Beginners and Experienced Traders Who Want to Develop Their Own Trading System or Achieve Consistent and Sustainable Profits

Building Connections Within the Trading Community

All students at Bravo Trade Academy are provided with on-going assistance. They become part of our trading community, benefiting from our care and guidance. Moreover, students have the opportunity to participate in various Bravo Trade Academy activities and collaborate with our current leading partner.

Social Activities

We organize a number of initiatives to promote social development and awareness, not as a charitable organization or foundation that collects donations, but by arranging events that contribute financially from within the organization to help society. Our goal is to provide educational and economic opportunities for underprivileged individuals in different communities.

Growth Mindset Development

At Bravo Trade Academy, our goal is to cultivate a mindset that empowers students to succeed as professional traders and thrive with us at Bravo Trade Academy.

Achieving success in the trading profession.

We have a vision to continue growing and create a trading community with the ability to sustainably profit. Because we want to see everyone achieve success, live freely, and help others around them to have an improved quality of life.