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Bravo Charity

Bravo Charity is not a charitable organization or a foundation that collects donations. We are community-driven initiative that promotes and develops society. The goal is to provide opportunities for education and improve the quality of life for those facing challenges in different regions of Thailand.

About CEO

Toey grew up in a different province... During our childhood, there were adults who built a playground for us, a small football field. It was very exciting back then. Each of us would line up to play, having a great time. There were also adults who donated funds for education every year. However, in the end, that money didn't really contribute to anything. As we grew up, we thought that if we had the opportunity, we would like to be contributors like those adults from back then. We wanted to do something that would truly benefit society. Something better than just giving money, because giving money is like spoiling children. It makes them lack effort and not appreciate the value of what they receive for free. But creating a good environment for them to grow in makes it easier for them to develop, learn, and appreciate the value of what they receive.

So, what we mostly do is community development activities in various forms. For example, providing financial education to children, building playgrounds for them similar to what we once had, establishing libraries, constructing better restroom facilities at temples for improved hygiene, purchasing water filtration systems for remote communities with no clean drinking water, and reaching out to hospitals that lack medical equipment and medicines to provide assistance.

Promoting and developing society through Bravo Charity is an activity that inspires individuals within the organization to further self-improvement and achieve greater success, all with the aim of giving back more to society. In addition to the members of our organization, many of our students share the same mindset and attitude. They contribute to community development using the personal funds they earn from trading. Some even set a goal to donate 2.5% of their trading income every month. It's truly remarkable to see how everyone, including Toey, is growing and able to give back to others.

From now on, Toey believes that many more people will grow and achieve greater success through this profession. And if there is an opportunity to engage in community activities together, we would be happy to do so.

– Toey Bravo Trade Academy –

Bravo Charity's Goals

The goal of the charity organization is not only for society but also as another goal in the self-development of the people in the organization and our students as well. Because we believe that the more we can share, the more we grow. We might be a small group of people, but we are expanding and growing to drive the community and education in our country forward. For our friends, siblings, or descendants to have more opportunities. When we succeed, we become a shining light for many others. That is our goal, and we want the people in our organization and our students to achieve even greater success and become shining lights together. That is the goal of sharing.

"Life's progress isn't just about luck; it improves because of the changes that light the way."